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“The DUI Exception to the Constitution”

Bet you didn’t know there was a DUI Exception to the Constitution did you.

Yep, its right there. The courts have said so. Right between those printed lines.

Read Lawrence Taylor of DUIblog.com explain exactly why.

In the course of various postings concerning MADD, I have received emails suggesting that they are a civic-minded organization which does not deserve my criticisms. As I have said on many occasions, I believe them to be a well-intentioned group of “true believers” — who, like most zealots, have a rigid and narrow focus and are ignorant of the harm they cause to others. And in other posts I have tried to explain the nature of that harm.

Many years ago, I was invited to give a lecture to a “think tank” of government, corporate and academic types. In the years since then that I have given versions of it to other groups, the legal and political situation has only grown worse.

Perhaps the lecture itself might better explain why I consider MADD to be a continuing threat to our institutions and constitutional safeguards…..

I hope to convince you in the next hour, some of you, that the greatest single threat to our freedoms, the freedoms set forth in the Bill of Rights, is not from Iraq or Iran. I don’t think it’s from North Korea. I don’t think it’s from the extremists of the Muslim world. The threat, as it has always been throughout history, is internal: It is from within. But I do not think it is from the American Communist party or extremists on the right. I hope to convince a few of you that the greatest single threat to our freedoms today comes from a group consisting largely of American housewives. They call themselves the Mothers Against Drunk Driving. MADD.


Brian Miller for Congress, AZ – CD 8


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