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A Conservative’s vote AGAINST Andy Thomas & why you should too.

Andy Thomas – Unfit to Service (race for AZ Attorney General)

Greg Patterson of EspressoPundit.com (you are already reading him daily aren’t you?) lays out an excellent case of why no one, let alone conservatives, should vote for Andy Thomas.

Every time I meet Andy Thomas, I realize how much I like him.  I’ve met him for coffee, talked to him at events, run into him at various political and media functions and he’s invariably polite, charming and soft spoken.  Moreover, he seems to have an excellent command of the issues and from my perspective, his world view has much in common with mine.

Andy Thomas seem like a great guy…but there’s absolutely no chance that I’m going to vote for him.


The Pastrami Burger Bomb

Because you can’t save the world on an empty stomach:

The Burger Lab: The Pastrami Burger Bomb

I first heard of pastrami burgers—which are, oddly enough, pastrami-topped burgers—from a pastry chef I knew from Utah, where apparently the meat-on-meat combo is something of a state dish.
A “product of honest American fusion,” as John T. Edge describes it in a piece on the subject last year in the New York Times, they are apparently seriously delicious, particularly after a long night on the town. The flagship chain is Crown Burger, with multiple locations in Salt Lake City, though apparently, every burger joint in town features them on the menu.


George Washington: Whiskey Entrepreneur & Big Govt’ Tax Proponent?

George Washington’s whiskey returns, with a secret about a federal tax

via Jason Cochran @ Wallet Pop.

Two hundred and 11 years after his death, George Washington still surprises. The custodians of his old estate at Mount Vernon, Virginia have just begun distilling and bottling whiskey using Washinton’s own receipe. Bet you didn’t know that our First President was also one of America’s biggest whiskey producers. But there’s more to the story than that.