8GB High-Resolution Video Covert Recording Spy Sunglasses

via David Codrea (Examiner.com, National Gun Rights Examiner) on his blog: WarOnGuns.blogspot.com:

8GB High-Resolution Video Covert Recording Spy Sunglasses

While I was at the KY shoot, I was introduced to a great new product for recording that, if applied to camera-shy “Only Ones,” could reduce the chances of being detected, followed with being harassed, assaulted, taken hostage and having your chronicle of abuse under color of authoritah deleted:

Pretty cool, eh? ( <——– This is the link to the glasses)

Being me, I don’t grok tech, but I understand there’s a capability to hook something like this up to feed into the Internet so that badged evidence tamperers can’t erase it.

3 thoughts on “8GB High-Resolution Video Covert Recording Spy Sunglasses”

  1. As far as I am concerned you were had. I got a pair for around $30.00 from meritline. They do not have built in memory but you can use up to a 16gig card.

    $150.00 is a little rich for my blood especially when you get all the same features except for the built in memory and my glasses work great.

  2. I really liked your blog comment, it really added a great point of view on the matter. Thanks al lot.

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