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Only an Idiot, an Elected Official, or a Law Enforcement would…….

be surprised that not only were there unintended consequences to their meth fighting laws, but that they wouldn’t work anyway.

From the AP report:

Electronic systems that track sales of the cold medicine used to make methamphetamine have failed to curb the drug trade and instead created a vast, highly lucrative market for profiteers to buy over-the-counter pills and sell them to meth producers at a huge markup.

An Associated Press review of federal data shows that the lure of such easy money has drawn thousands of new people into the methamphetamine underworld over the last few years.

“It’s almost like a sub-criminal culture,” said Gary Boggs, an agent at the Drug Enforcement Administration. “You’ll see them with a GPS unit set up in a van with a list of every single pharmacy or retail outlet. They’ll spend the entire week going store to store and buy to the limit.”

Oh, and of course meth use is on the rise despite all the attempts to make buying cold meds by dealers law-abiding citizens more difficult.

Hate to beat a dead horse, but really! No one foresaw this?  Prohitibition has never worked.  Didn’t work for alcohol.  Has never worked for prostitution. And isn’t working for drugs.

This is really the only explanation: