Monthly Archives: April 2012

Close enough for government work.

At least they got most of the letters right.

The weekend of April 27-30, Doyle Drive, the approach roadway to the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco will be closed for 3 days in order to be demolished due to earthquake concerns.  This of course will cause quite the traffic snafu resulting in numerous road closures and detours.  One such detour involves access to fun, entertaining and educational Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception. Only problem, government workers, probably products of public education MISSPELLED all the detour signs.

See, Exploratorium is spelled “orAt” and not “orIt”.  Ooooops. Now granted “Exploratorium” is probably not in most spell check dictionaries, but you think one would check it against, oh say, Google?

But then again, this is your tax dollars at work.  And someone did eventually notice and went back with the ever useful Sharpie and tried to fix the signs.  And of course, missed a few.