John C Dvorak thinks I missed his point? Think not! But you tell me….

So John C Dvorak took umbrage at my criticism of his promoting  a wealth tax and specifically that a “property tax” is a wealth tax and is “implemented just fine”.  Says I “obviously missed the point“.

Well, let’s examine his tweets and see!

Here are the originals, and my previous analysis on the merits of property taxes.

  1. People bitch and moan about inequality and high taxes. This would all be resolved by a Swiss-like wealth tax. Why is it not on the table?
  2. People say a wealth tax is impractical and hard to implement. Well, property taxes are a wealth tax and they are implemented just fine.
  3. A wealth tax would satisfy both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who claim they want to pay more taxes. This would solve their grievance.
  4. Income taxes are unfair because they do now allow people to accumulate wealth. A wealth tax is the only fair tax.

In #4 he says: ” A wealth tax is the only fair tax”.  OK, that’s fairly straightforward and unambiguous.

In #2 he says: “property taxes are a wealth tax and they are implemented just fine.” Again, fairly straightforward and unambiguous, though completely wrong, again, see my previous analysis.

So, we have: wealth tax = only fair tax, property tax = wealth tax, and property tax = well implemented tax.  I would say that is a fair and accurate summary of Dvorak’s tweets. I  disagreed and demonstrated why a property tax ≠ a well implemented tax, and therefore why a property tax is not fair and not just.

In other words, I quite clearly got the point!

But to be fair, twitter may not be the best medium to convey the idea and rationale behind some topics; 144 character limit and all.  So, John C. Dvorak, please enlighten us as to why you think I missed your point.  I think I clearly stated your point above.

I will gladly post your reply, unedited and in its entirety, for everyone to judge whether I have or have not missed your point.  I understand if you prefer not to post here thinking I picked a fight merely to drive traffic. If you so desire, post your reply at the site of your choice and I will post a link to it there.

So, the ball is in your court. Can you defend why a property tax is a good tax which is implemented just fine?

What’s it gonna be?

2 thoughts on “John C Dvorak thinks I missed his point? Think not! But you tell me….”

  1. So, this guy thinks my middle class family is fairly taxed on my property? It’s about $5000 a year on my home. Right now, that is a substantial portion of my income and I am not wealthy by anyone’s estimation except someone living in a hut in the Sudan.

    Let’s take into consideration that most people have a mortgage. Say they bought their home for $200K with 10% down. They are worth $20K. They are taxed on $200K. Say, in ten years, that home is worth $500K. Certainly they have “equity,” but that equity is manipulated by cost of living and inflation. That “equity” is also unrealized as cash, so now, you pay tax on money you do not really have and can just as easily lose when values go down… and it takes 2 years to adjust that value!

    This guy is really not smart in the common application of finances nor day to day life. He should just go somewhere that doesn’t believe in private property ownership.

  2. So being productive needs to be penalized? The more production – wealth creation – one is responsible for (including the employment of others who create wealth for both themselves and their employers), the higher the penalty should be? I may not be Milton Friedman, but just how does this not discourage production and profit – quite the opposite, in fact.

    The other side of the coin, of course, is where the proceeds of these tariffs are directed – to grow the almighty state? To underwrite the parasites who survive on that extorted from the productive? To those in ‘authority’ behind the extortion, who profit by rule rather than productivity?

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