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How To Damage Your Brand In 5 Mins or Less

The guys over at have a great write-up on the debacle over at San Lotano Cigars.

Read (in order) and learn on how to NOT do something, like fire all your ind reps and piss off the entire cigar retail market at the same time.

The Perfect Martini please.

Because saving the world makes your thirsty.

The Martini! The illustrious Martini. It has a glamorous allure few cocktails can match. It achieves its special brand of alchemy by balancing the sharpness of juniper berries in excellent gin, with the earthy herbal qualities of good vermouth.

The ratios are very important– and much discussed. Though Steve Allen may have famously quipped, ‘Do not allow children to mix drinks, it is unseemly and they always use too much vermouth’. In truth there is some room for personal preference regarding the exact balance of gin to vermouth.

Monday evening.  Bring’em on.

Preserving Food at Home: A Self-Study offered by National Center for Home Food Preservation

National Center for Home Food Preservation: Announcing a free, self-paced, online course for those wanting to learn more about home canning and preservation.

Introduction to Food Preservation
General Canning
Canning Acid Foods
Canning Low-Acid Foods
This course is offered in the University of Georgia eLC system. UGA requires registration for you to receive a login.

So Easy To Preserve
The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension is pleased to offer the 5th edition of its popular book, So Easy To Preserve. This beautiful book contains the latest U.S. Department of Agriculture recommendations for safe food preservation. So Easy To Preserve is now a 375-page book with over 185 tested recipes, along with step by step instructions and in-depth information for both the new and experienced food preserver. Chapters include Preserving Food, Canning, Pickled Products, Jellied Fruit Products, Freezing and Drying. This 5th edition has 35 new tested recipes and processes, in addition to a new section with recommended procedures for home-canned salsas.

The Pastrami Burger Bomb

Because you can’t save the world on an empty stomach:

The Burger Lab: The Pastrami Burger Bomb

I first heard of pastrami burgers—which are, oddly enough, pastrami-topped burgers—from a pastry chef I knew from Utah, where apparently the meat-on-meat combo is something of a state dish.
A “product of honest American fusion,” as John T. Edge describes it in a piece on the subject last year in the New York Times, they are apparently seriously delicious, particularly after a long night on the town. The flagship chain is Crown Burger, with multiple locations in Salt Lake City, though apparently, every burger joint in town features them on the menu.