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Hugh Hewitt & Obama Share The Same View On The Constitution

Appears Hugh Hewitt has as little respect for the Constitution as the Obama does.

On today’s show, Hewitt chastised a caller for daring to raise the the “I” word, going so far to claim that the caller MUST BE A DEM.

But for the rest of the show, Hewitt, numerous guest and callers all railed that Obama’s act were illegal and unconstitutional.

But of course the president acting unilaterally, taking actions that in their own words were “illegal” and “unconstitutional” aren’t grounds for impeachment.

So either illegal and unconstitutional acts, acts which by that definition are a violation of the oath office don’t rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors or Hewitt is full of s**t and playing politics and fast and losse with terms like illegal and unconstitutional.

See this post by Karl Denninger at There Is No Longer A Rule Of Law for a more in depth explanation.


Dick Durbin: Ignorant, Stupid or Lying on Corporate Income Taxes?

Well, Timothy P. Carney has interesting piece up over at Washington Examiner today titled: Dick Durbin to Walgreens: You didn’t build that where US Senator Dick Durbin (D – IL) goes all Obama.  It is an interesting and accurate read.

But Timothy didn’t take it far enough I believe. So let me pick-up where he left off.

First, there is no such thing as a corporate income tax you dick, I mean Dick!  “Corporate income taxes” are merely a cost of doing business. A cost which is passed on to the consumer. It is merely an indirect tax on the citizenry that you couldn’t get passed directly or didn’t have the balls to try.  So not only do further tax the populace you don’t have to worry about collection, you make the corporations do that for you, then turn around and blame them.

Second, Dick seems concerned that this is legal under US tax law. Well, Dick you’re a sitting US Senator, been there since 1997, that’s 17 years of you writing the f’ing tax code.  You see, it is the one objective of politicians, especially Democrats, to create a problem then offer to referee, for a fee of course.

So……. We have a Dem Senator bitching about something that doesn’t really exist
and hoping you are too stupid to notice. And complaining about something that is entirely under his control and hoping you are too stupid to notice.

John C Dvorak shows Intelligence is no indication of Smarts. Property Tax Epic Fail

In the morning everyone.  So, did you see this tripe and dribble on John C Dvorak‘s twitter feed ( ) this weekend regarding taxation, wealth taxes, and property taxes?

Forget the arguments of a “wealth tax” in general for the moment, let’s focus on PROPERTY TAX as a wealth tax and being “implemented just fine.”


With an income tax, the more one earns (i.e. more income) the more income tax is levied and paid which theoretically one could afford to pay.  With a sales or consumption tax, the more one buys or consumes the more the tax. If you can’t or don’t want to pay the tax, don’t buy the item (side note: we’ll discuss sales tax on food and its regressive nature on the poor in another post).


Just because some government hack declares that my property has increased in VALUE, it is therefore subject to more tax. This has no relationship on whether I can pay said tax.

For instance, a young newlywed couple buys a fixer upper in an up and coming neighborhood. Put lots of sweat equity into making a lovely remodeled home thereby increasing said home’s value. Maybe others see the same in the neighborhood and do likewise. Now said Revenuer says these homes have all doubled in value and therefore their property taxes have doubled. Can this newlywed couple pay double the amount of taxes? Did their income double?  DID THEY EVEN REALIZE ANY OF THE INCREASE OF VALUE OF THEIR HOME?  Hell No!  Just because their home increased in value they WILL NOT REALIZE ANY OF THE GAIN UNTIL THEY SELL! Of course at which time they will be taxed AGAIN on that increase, the same increase they have been taxed on every year through property taxes for the mere pleasure of owning a home.  But does the Revenuer even care? Hell No. Can’t pay the property taxes because said value has increased, “Well then just sell your house!” says the Government.

Not only are property taxes REGRESSIVE they are merely rent paid to the Government for the privilege of owning something.

Let’s take another example to see how destructive and regressive property taxes are.  Look at the “greatest generation”, they come back from the war, settle down and start a family. Maybe get a nice blue collar union job and put in their 30.  Along the way they buy a nice house in San Francisco¹ and scrimp and save to do so.  In the meantime they age, they have paid off the mortgage on the house, and now look forward to retirement.  But wait says the Revenuer, San Francisco is now valuable property, why look at all these techies flush from the Federal Reserve pumping cash into the stock market.  The Techies want to live in SF now and are driving up the prices and the boomer’s house is now taxed at double or triple the previous tax.  Again, does the Government care that the retirees on a fixed income can’t pay double or triple the tax?  Does the Government care that said retirees haven’t seen or pocketed one cent of the increase of VALUE? Hell no¹.

And that ladies and gentlemen is the sheer and utter fallacy of property taxes as a wealth tax  and being “implemented just fine.”

p.s. if Dvorak keeps this crap up, Curry will no longer be considered the Crackpot!

¹ Thank God for CA Prop13 which limited annual increases of assessed value  to an inflation factor, not to exceed 2% per year, but that doesn’t help the rest of the country so substitute the up and coming popular are in your state.

p.p.s And NO, Prop13 did not cause the current financial mess. The legislature willfully spent more than they took in to create that mess.


Close enough for government work.

At least they got most of the letters right.

The weekend of April 27-30, Doyle Drive, the approach roadway to the world famous Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco will be closed for 3 days in order to be demolished due to earthquake concerns.  This of course will cause quite the traffic snafu resulting in numerous road closures and detours.  One such detour involves access to fun, entertaining and educational Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception. Only problem, government workers, probably products of public education MISSPELLED all the detour signs.

See, Exploratorium is spelled “orAt” and not “orIt”.  Ooooops. Now granted “Exploratorium” is probably not in most spell check dictionaries, but you think one would check it against, oh say, Google?

But then again, this is your tax dollars at work.  And someone did eventually notice and went back with the ever useful Sharpie and tried to fix the signs.  And of course, missed a few.