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The Darren Wilson Video They Don’t Want the Grand Jury To See

While there is no video of the Darren Wilson shooting Michael Brown unfortunately (mainly because Ferguson was to busy spending money on cool cop toys rather than dash cams and officer cams), there is another video of  what appears to be Darren Wilson threatening to arrest a man for exercising his First Amendment rights then Wilson lying about it on the police report.

So, if as it appears, that Officer Darren Wilson is willing to lie on a simple police report when there is really nothing on the line, what is Officer Wilson willing to lie about to a grand jury when his ass is on the line….

Get the full story and video at PhotographyIsNotACrime: Video Emerges of Ferguson Cop Darren Wilson Arresting Man for Recording as Grand Jury Decision Nears

…In fact, Wilson admitted in his report that it was him, which you can read here, claiming that he told Arman he was allowed to record, but only arrested him after Arman stuck the the camera in his face and refused to cooperate with him regarding an investigation about abandoned cars in his front yard.

So the video not only shows he has no regard for citizens’ right to record him in public, it also shows he has no qualm about lying on police reports considering he had to walk about 20 feet to arrest him, stepping around a pile of junk to get to him. Nothing close to having an annoying camera stuck in his face….



Is it a Cell Phone or Mobile Recording Studio for Activists???

Tips and tricks for using your cell phone as a mobile recording studio.

You never know  when you may need it……… (do I really need to insert a google search link of recording bad acts with one’s cell phone?…..yeah didn’t think so.)

Your mobile phone is an instant audio-recording and storage device, and it can be used anywhere. This How-To article provides tips for recording and sharing clear-sounding audio from a mobile phone. Often, recording on a handset is done in less-than-ideal environments. This article offers recording tips to help you capture quality audio to ensure a clear sound, even when you report on the ground and outside of a professional recording studio. We’ll describe the best way to create, share and edit audio content depending on what resources you have (or do not have). You will also find a brief outline of some of the most popular and easy-to-use tools for creating, editing, and sharing audio content. Some tools require a specific call-in number and thus are geographically limited in scope. Other tools are Internet-based and widely available while others are specific to smartphones or iPhones. This article will give you a solid overview of what is available depending on your locale and resources, and will offer guidance for further tips and techniques.

8GB High-Resolution Video Covert Recording Spy Sunglasses

via David Codrea (Examiner.com, National Gun Rights Examiner) on his blog: WarOnGuns.blogspot.com:

8GB High-Resolution Video Covert Recording Spy Sunglasses

While I was at the KY shoot, I was introduced to a great new product for recording that, if applied to camera-shy “Only Ones,” could reduce the chances of being detected, followed with being harassed, assaulted, taken hostage and having your chronicle of abuse under color of authoritah deleted:

Pretty cool, eh? ( <——– This is the link to the glasses)

Being me, I don’t grok tech, but I understand there’s a capability to hook something like this up to feed into the Internet so that badged evidence tamperers can’t erase it.