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The Perfect Martini please.

Because saving the world makes your thirsty.


The Martini! The illustrious Martini. It has a glamorous allure few cocktails can match. It achieves its special brand of alchemy by balancing the sharpness of juniper berries in excellent gin, with the earthy herbal qualities of good vermouth.

The ratios are very important– and much discussed. Though Steve Allen may have famously quipped, ‘Do not allow children to mix drinks, it is unseemly and they always use too much vermouth’. In truth there is some room for personal preference regarding the exact balance of gin to vermouth.

Monday evening.  Bring’em on.

How to Make Granola

Because you can’t save the world on an empty stomach or if it’s TEOTWAWKI, you still got eat:

How to Make Granola

My daily breakfast of yogurt and granola is (almost) as important to me as my morning coffee. Those crunchy baked clusters and bursts of fruity sweetness wake up my taste buds and give me enough fuel to make it through the morning. I might even go as far as saying that eating granola makes me happy. OK, maybe the coffee gets partial credit for that, but I do love granola.
Baking up a batch every couple of weeks is another nice ritual. It’s really easy, and unlike the store-bought alternative, you can create exactly the balance of fruit, nuts, grains, sweetness, and richness you want.
This slideshow will show you the basics of granola-making, whether you want it rich and sweet, or lighter, more liked a baked muesl.