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Rise of the Warrior Cop, pre-order in paperback now available

riseofthewarriorcopA must read for any limited government, liberty minded individual.

Amazon: In Rise of the Warrior Cop, Balko shows how politicians’ ill-considered policies and relentless declarations of war against vague enemies like crime, drugs, and terror have blurred the distinction between cop and soldier. His fascinating, frightening narrative shows how over a generation, a creeping battlefield mentality has isolated and alienated American police officers and put them on a collision course with the American public and the Constitution.

Praised by Anthony Romero, ExDir, ACLU; Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post; Ron Paul, former Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate; and Glenn Greewald, constitutional lawyer, and columnist.

You really should order this NOW!  And follow Radley at The Washington Post.

HuffPo. Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Companies Using Tax Havens To Skirt $92 Billion In U.S. Taxes


Ignorance and stupidity know no bounds.


A corporate income tax is merely a cost of doing business. A cost that is passed on to the consumer. And is in fact just an indirect tax on the people. Can’t raise taxes on the people directly? Raise the corp tax, the corps will pass it on to the consumer, and even do the job of collecting it for the gov’t.


As for Citizens for Tax Justice, a left-leaning research group, to paraphrase Miss Hermione Granger, “What an idiot!”