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Hugh Hewitt & Obama Share The Same View On The Constitution

Appears Hugh Hewitt has as little respect for the Constitution as the Obama does.

On today’s show, Hewitt chastised a caller for daring to raise the the “I” word, going so far to claim that the caller MUST BE A DEM.

But for the rest of the show, Hewitt, numerous guest and callers all railed that Obama’s act were illegal and unconstitutional.

But of course the president acting unilaterally, taking actions that in their own words were “illegal” and “unconstitutional” aren’t grounds for impeachment.

So either illegal and unconstitutional acts, acts which by that definition are a violation of the oath office don’t rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors or Hewitt is full of s**t and playing politics and fast and losse with terms like illegal and unconstitutional.

See this post by Karl Denninger at Market-Ticker.org: There Is No Longer A Rule Of Law for a more in depth explanation.


Rob Robb on SB1070 – even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then

Better late than never. SB1070 = national identification with indefinite detentions.

The bigger question is why one would even put the provisions in a bill supposedly dealing with illegals? To control EVERYONE?

HB2632/SB1070 – Not Real ID/National ID? Really………..

The most consequential instance of poor draftsmanship is the provision forbidding the release of anyone “arrested” until their immigration status is determined. Taken literally, which is the way legislation should be interpreted, this would have outlawed the cite-and-release approach law enforcement takes for most minor offenses. Such people are technically “arrested.” Mercifully, Bolton enjoined this provision before the havoc and confusion it would have wreaked was unleashed.


The fact that SB 1070’s prime architect, state Sen. Russell Pearce, was repeating that SB 1070 merely enforced federal law, which is manifestly false, in reaction to Bolton’s injunction is revealing. I don’t think Pearce is consciously lying. I don’t think he really knew what he was doing.

Run Jan Run. Cut n’ run Jan. Legitimate questions; Illegitimate answers. Follow the SB1070 money.

Oh those pesky reporters. Asking all those difficult questions when she’s trying to get re-elected. Don’t they know their place.

As always, follow the money!

And even if there is “nothing there” (that sounds familiar in the SB 1070 debate), running and hiding behind your handlers sure don’t look good. Then again, when it appears your pals are gonna profit from your signing a bill………..

Morgan Loew, Ch 5 KPHO, does his job, and does it well in asking Arizona Governor Jan Brewer the hard and true questions on her rhetoric and support of SB 1070.

If you run, they will just chase you.

Looks like somebody just found material for their general election commercial…….


Congress! Congress!! Obama don’t need no stinking Congress……

Memo outlines backdoor ‘amnesty’ plan

With Congress gridlocked on an immigration bill, the Obama administration is considering using a back door to stop deporting many illegal immigrants – what a draft government memo said could be “a non-legislative version of amnesty.”

The memo, addressed to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration ServicesDirector Alejandro Mayorkas and written by four agency staffers, lists tools it says the administration has to “reduce the threat of removal” for many illegal immigrants who have run afoul of immigration authorities.

“In the absence of comprehensive immigration reform, USCIS can extend benefits and/or protections to many individuals and groups by issuing new guidance and regulations, exercising discretion with regard to parole-in-place, deferred action and the issuance of Notices to Appear,” the staffers wrote in the memo, which was obtained by Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Iowa Republican.

The memo suggests that in-depth discussions have occurred on how to keep many illegal immigrants in the country, which would be at least a temporary alternative to the proposals Democrats in Congress have made to legalize illegal immigrants.

Chris Bentley, a USCIS spokesman, said drafting the memo doesn’t mean the agency has embraced the policy and “nobody should mistake deliberation and exchange of ideas for final decisions.”