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Rise of the Warrior Cop, pre-order in paperback now available

riseofthewarriorcopA must read for any limited government, liberty minded individual.

Amazon: In Rise of the Warrior Cop, Balko shows how politicians’ ill-considered policies and relentless declarations of war against vague enemies like crime, drugs, and terror have blurred the distinction between cop and soldier. His fascinating, frightening narrative shows how over a generation, a creeping battlefield mentality has isolated and alienated American police officers and put them on a collision course with the American public and the Constitution.

Praised by Anthony Romero, ExDir, ACLU; Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post; Ron Paul, former Texas congressman and Republican presidential candidate; and Glenn Greewald, constitutional lawyer, and columnist.

You really should order this NOW!  And follow Radley at The Washington Post.

Brian Miller for Congress, AZ – CD 8


Join me in contributing to Brian Miller for Congress.

Endorsed by Congress Ron Paul, let’s replace ol’ Gabby with not just another establishment insider that happens to have an R after his name, but let’s help replace Gabby with a TRUE LIMITED GOVERNMENT CONSERVATIVE.

Please contribute NOW. Help Brian “chase”* those early ballots to victory.

* for those new this activism stuff, “chasing early ballots” means targeting and contacting those voters who have requested an early vote by mail ballot and contacting them in a timely fashion just before or as they receive their ballots in the mail. It’s like talking to the vote as they are in the ballot box.

Each country recorder publishes a list of those voters who mailed a ballot on each given day. And given the approx 2 to 3 day of the USPS to delivery, there is the narrow window of opportunity to reach someone that you KNOW will have a ballot in their hand and not just be a “likely vote” that may eventually go to the polls.

This effort is vital, but it does cost, so please donate today.